Food Adventure

French cuisine pulls curiosity from people across the continents. It is one of the major things that tourists want to explore when visiting France.

Soupe a loignon. Also known as French onion soup. A good appetizer, usually based on meat stock and onions, and often served gratineed with croutons and cheese on top or a large piece of bread. It became popular to the United States too.

Beouf Bourguignon. Introduced by the Burgundy region. It is a beef stew usually prepared with ed wine. Seasonings and flavors include onions, mushrooms, garlic and boquet garni. Traditionally, it is being prepared with the meat larded with lardons.

Cassoulet. Originated in the south of France. A rich slow-cooked casserole containing meat (typically pork sausages, duck, goose and mutton), pork skin and white beans.

Salad Nicoise. A mixture of hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, nicoise olives and anchovies dressed with olive oil. May include seasonal raw vegetables, raw red peppers, shallots artichoke hearts. Raw green beans can add to the taste deliciously.

Ratatouille. Introduced by from the southeastern French region of Provence. A French dish served as a stewed vegetable recipe. Vegetables are first cooked in a pan, then oven-baked in a dish. Usually served as a side dish.

Snails. Do you love snails? In Portugal, Spain and France, this is usuallu served as an appetizer too.

French Macarons. It is a famous dessert in France. Most French love this. A kind of dessert which has cream wedged between merigue.

French cheese. French cheese comes in different size, shape and look. It can come as a pie that you do not know it is pure cheese. This is usually serve with wine.

Creme Brulee. Similar to leche plan, but this is made of custard and hard caramel.