The Definite Characteristics of Language

Language is used for communication. Here are the different characteristics of language.

Language is a sound, expression, or action that has a meaning understood by a deliverer and receiver. There is an interaction of between and among people. This is why there is what we call body language because mute can not literally open their mouth but can communicate to people through their body parts such as sign language.

Language is changing. Language is changing over time. It can be modified, changed , influenced and the like.

This is why there is what we call old language, middle language, new language. William Shakespeare added more than a thousand word in the English vocabulary.

Language is inherited through cultures and traditions. Language pass down from generation to generation and we can realize the beauty of language through our culture and tradition. The most important thing to know is that we can understand about the things around us more and more through the help of language.

Language is creative. Language is creative that it can produce art works in the art world.

Because of language, literary, visual and performing arts are appearing in the world of arts. You can create beautiful artworks in the art world to express your emotions.

Language brings emotions. Language is not just a language itself. It is active that it can touch human hearts. No one can block the emotion of language and that it is very important to use the language properly.

So language is life.