Communication: The Key to Understanding

A study in Korea was conducted to find out what kind of family can stand firm until the end and how a family can be bound together without breaking up since nowadays, even family members fight each other. The study brought an amazing result. Families that communicate always were good families loving and taking care of each other. However, families that break up are those that do not communicate with each other just staying together in the same roof and there was often a misunderstanding.

It is concluded that families always fight when they do not communicate and express their ideas. It is because not communicating leads to misunderstanding and this misunderstanding causes anger and fight. Therefore, it is always said that people who have good heart are those whose mind our broad thinking of positive reasons in any circumstances. Understanding without knowing about the situation will bring to peace and joy. This is not applicable to families only but to all kind of relationships that we have while breathing.

Communication is the key to understand someone. Sometimes, we get angry to someone when something unpleasant thing happened without knowing what the situation is. This is why there is always grumbling, hurt, anger, and hatred that arise from our hearts. However, if we try to talk often to people we are always with and discuss the situation, we can understand that there is no reason for relationships to break up. Let us try to talk often so we can see what is hidden.