Paris: The Capital

Paris a famous city, located in France. The city is one of the most and greatest visited places around the world. Known for its romantic ambiance, top-notch fashion styles and many more.

When visiting a place, it is essential to know some tips so that your visit will not be in vain. You know, Paris is a widespread. A lot things and places to see such as churches, arts, parks, beaches and so on. So first of all, make sure to plan your trip to Paris. Make a research beforehand. Make a list of places you will visit especially when your visit is limited. Prepare your cameras also and make sure to have extra batteries as there is a lot of scenes to take photo with.

Second tip, if possible, make reservations when you can and pre-book tickets. The famous Eiffel Tower is the most visited place in the city and oftentimes, there is a very very long line of people availing tickets for the place. To reduce spending lot of times joining the line, pre-book tickets before coming. Third, food eating tip. There are foods for heavy meal, dessert and foods for snack. Restaurants are usually crowded so if you want to be out and eat somewhere, you can buy your food and eat anywhere in the parks. Also, during Saturdays and Sundays, restaurants are usually filled so it is a good thing to have reservation on the Fridays.

Fourth, try to explore the city as wide and as far as you can. Maximize your vacation by visiting other places neighborhood and also, try to see the museums and arts in the city. Finally, public transportation are available in the city. Public transportation will help you to get around the city quickly.